Equine Care

We currently offer Full Care Board, Full Care Plus, Pasture Care, Pasture Care Plus. Our boarders enjoy access to our indoor lighted arena, three outdoor arenas, and 2 round pens, XC obstacles, riding access to 130 acres, heated tack rooms, access to the client lounge, and much more...


We use McCauley Bros. Feed (www.mccauleybros.com). McCauley Bros. is "Dedicated to Excellence in Equine Nutrition", and their feed mill is located in Versailles, KY.

Their technical staff provides the following services to use:

  • custom feed formulation & manufacturing
  • nutritional problem solving
  • ration evaluation
  • growth rate evaluation
  • weighing horses (as requested)

Notes: If you feel you may need to feed something else, a representative will come out for a consultation and help you develop a feeding program that is tailored to your horse. Horses using a different feed will require your own supervision. You are responsible for keeping track of your feed (i.e. ordering, delivery, and payment of your specific feed.


Boarders may provide supplements for our staff to feed free of charge.

If you do not prepare your own Smart Paks or baggies, there will be an extra charge of $25/ month per horse. It is the responsibility of the owner to refill supplements as needed; management will not be responsible for keeping track of your supplements. Notify only management with any changes to the instructions.


All horses coming into the farm will automatically be put onto our de-worming schedule which is recommended by Rood and Riddle.

Please refer to your New Boarders Packet for more information explaining this new de-worming protocol. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Extra Services Pricing

Our extra services list is not exhaustive, but provides a consistent price for regular services we provide. Other services provided, just ask!




Meadow Lake Trainer Training Ride (Prep Included)


Meadow Lake Trainer Training Ride (Prep Not Included)


Outside Trainer Training Ride Prep (Catch, Groom, Tack, Etc.)




Catch Horse


Blanket Pasture-Care Horse



Haul In


Haul In (For Lesson)


Day Stall


Overnight Stall (Boarder Supplies Feed/Meds)






Single/Private Turn Out



General Grooming


Pulling Mane




Sale/Show Prep (Trim, Bath, and Mane Pulling)


Body Clipping




Trimming (Ears, Muzzle, Legs, and Bridle Path)





Cold Hosing

$10/20 Min

Soaking:  Epsom Salt


Hoof Pack (Boarder Supplies Meds)


Vet/Farrier/Chiro/Rolfing Hold


Medicating (Boarder Supplies Meds)




Hand Walking

$10/30 Min.


Full Care Barn 2


Full Care Barn 3


Full Care Barn 4


Full Care Plus


Pasture Care


Pasture Care Plus




$40/50 Min. Private

Junior (Under 18) and Students

$40/50 Min. Private

Semi-Private (Per Rider)

$35/50 Min

Group (Per Rider)

$30/50 Min